AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

It’s Friday and as usual I downloaded the latest edition of The Economist. Perfect timing as today we take the train back to Bangkok then another train journey to Kanchanaburi, about 4.5 hours on a train in total. Anyway, I was reading this article about road safety: Road safety: Reinventing the wheel...

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Christmas on the road.

Posted on Dec 24, 2013

Whilst planning for the trip one big decision was where to spend Christmas. Now it has got to the big day it really doesn’t feel like Christmas. For a start there has been no continual playing of Slade or The Pogues. Nor has there been the BBC’s advert showing doom and gloom in the Square. Despite missing out on the fantastic Christmas adverts from the major supermarkets we do know it is Christmas. The tourist areas are...

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