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Sa Pa: Wandering

Posted on Dec 2, 2013

Today we leave Sa Pa and get the overnight train to Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. The bus is picking us up at 5:30 to take us down to Lao Cai which is where the train station is. Sa Pa is quite high so no trains here. We had to check out of the hotel at 10am and leave our bags there. We decided we would climb up Ham Rong, a reasonable climb on the edge of Sa Pa. The climb was quite good. The path is mainly steep steps but is a little...

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Sa Pa: Day One

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

This is what Sa Pa looks like: And this is all we could see today: Thick fog. Also freezing cold and raining from time to time. It’s kind of our fault, this is the low season for a reason. Also, we have been looking at the weather for the last few days and knew that it was not good. Sa Pa gets 160 days of fog per year according to the wiki article and most of those probably occur during the winter. So we have wandered around the...

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Sa Pa is a small mountainous town about 25 miles south of the Chinese border. It is on the tourist trail and has been since 1993 when Vietnam opened it doors to the world. The town is famed for its proximity to a national park and a large number of ethnic minority villages famed for their bright clothing. Due to the poor weather we have not yet been able to appreciate the picturesque rice terraces instead all we can see is mist. We...

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Sa Pa

Posted on Nov 29, 2013

The Sa Pa PalacePosted from Lao Cai, Vietnam.

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