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Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Altitude: 1,190m Climb: 1,010m Time: 3hr 30m + 1hr 30m breaks Daily Cost: 3,300 rupees ($34/£20) We ate breakfast and left the lodge at our usual time of 8:15am. Out of the village we crossed a suspension bridge and saw a sign pointing up the hill for Paudwar. We knew that route led to Khopra Danda but everyone had said Paudwar had no lodges and to climb 2,500m in a day seemed to far for us. We continued on the main route towards...

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Altitude: 2,520m Climb: Descent: 1,330m Time: 6hr 30m + 1hr 30m breaks Daily Cost: 4,300 rupees ($44/£26) This was planned to be a long grind of a day. There was nothing of interest marked in the guide book. We knew that dropping in altitude the haze would be back and obscure the views and the temperature was going to rise to make this a hot day. We left the lodge at 8:30am and walked through Kalopani on the road. Just after the...

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Posted on Apr 27, 2014

Posted from Tatopani, Western Region, Nepal.

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