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Nagoya & Toyota

Nagoya & Toyota

Posted on Jul 13, 2014

We were staying in Nagoya for no other reason than to visit the Toyota factory in the nearby city of Toyota. Nagoya has a castle, but we’ve seen many more which are better, and that’s about it. There’s nothing else there of any real interest. We arrived by Shinkansen from Hikone, which we’d visited on the way from Kyoto to Nagoya and it was an easy subway ride to the hotel. Near the hotel therr was a restaurant chain which we have eaten at a few times since we discovered them in Kyoto, it’s called Curry House CoCo Ichibanya. The curry and rice with battered chicken is very filling and pretty good tasting, but best of all is the price. For two curries, a salad and chips we usually spend about £12, not bad in a country where food costs a fortune. And that was our evening, a trip to the curry house and then the convenience store to buy breakfast for the next morning. We were up rather early to go to the Toyota factory. Although it wasn’t far out of the city it would require taking the subway to Nagoya station, then getting on a local train for about half an hour, followed by changing to another local train to Toyota city, followed by a half hour walk to the head office. To get there for 10:30am meant leaving the hotel not long after 8am. We entered the subway and walked onto the platform to join the few people standing around waiting. It wasn’t long before the train pulled up. It was packed, absolutely packed to the brim! There was almost no space on it and this is by far the most crowded train we’d ever been on. We stood in a tiny gap by the door and hoped we’d be OK. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and after a few minutes the train pulled into a station and almost everyone got off. We had one more stop on a now nearly empty train. At the train station we had problems finding where the line we wanted was. It turns out Nagoya Station is one of the largest in the world (although the 55 story tower blocks which are considered part of the station are a bit of a cheat). We finally found where to buy the tickets and where the platforms were and went to wait for the train. We weren’t the only westerners on the platform, two Americans were also there and obviously going to the same place we were. The rest of the journey went without a hitch and we arrived in Toyota city....

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