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Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Trains in China

Posted on Jun 29, 2014

China has the largest network of trains in the world, not surprising, since it is the third largest country in the world. Plane travel is on the rise and budget airlines do exist but for now trains address the workhorse of the nation. Main stations are located centrally with high speed stations being much further out of the cities, high speed trains are a recent phenomena. A great app to help you get around is called ‘China...

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Annoying Chinese Trains

Posted on May 31, 2014

I suppose it’s actually my fault we’re on this train and not a better one, but I feel better blaming the company than myself. So why is it annoying? Well, because China is so huge many of the trains are sleeper trains (certainly almost all trains we’re taking are sleeper trains) but each bed only gets one set of bedding (a pillow and a quilt). So if the train starts elsewhere and has already being on the go over...

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