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Types of Police in China

Posted on Jun 7, 2014

1. Police in full uniform – usually well fitting and under a big parasol 2. Police in unform wearing trainers – chilling and if near somewhere they should be guarding then asleep on a stool or chair 3. Military police – have guns 4. Paramilitary police – have large guns and wearing a bullet proof vest 5. Traffic police on a plinth – wearing white gloves and have a whistle. Generally the women do their job whilst the men just stand there. 6. Sleeping police 7. Police sat in a group – doing nothing 8. Female police in spectacular heels 9. SWAT police – only in Tibet. I think they liked the name SWAT. 10. Train station police – pat you down on entering the train station. 11. Checkpoint police – grumpy 12. Provincial police – usually wearing shoddy clothing such as trousers that don’t fit or a jacket from rejected clothing 13. Undercover police – have a walkie talkie blaring from their belts 14. Police sat in electric vehicles – usually eating or getting ready to ferry their buddies around All of the above police have one thing in common. They do not appear to carry out law enforcement instead they sleep, eat or talk to avoid stopping any misdeameanours but rest assured, should you commit a thought crime such as ask about the massacre at Tiannamen square then you will be...

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