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Xi’an: The Terracotta Warriors

Posted on Jun 5, 2014

Warning: This post is filled with many negative comments and complaints. The warriors are hugely underrated and a massive disappointment. If you don’t care about my thoughts and just want to see some photos then skim through this post to the photos! When you think of visiting China there are a few attractions which immediately spring to mind. The Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace and the Terracotta Warriors. We were pretty excited to be visiting one of those today! The hostel we were staying in offered tours to see the warriors. Actually the tour was only transport and the entrance fee. They wanted £34 each! It was really easy to get there by ourselves. We caught the bus from the bus station for 70p each which took us straight there. Then we only had the £15 each entrance fee to pay. Half the price and no stupid tour timeframe to follow. Just to complain a little (I feel I don’t complain quite enough!) there was absolutely no information about the buses. We only know because other tourists have written blogs or put information on Trip Advisor detailing exactly where to go, what to pay, where to get off, etc. But, what really annoys me is in addition to no information there are touts taking advantage. As a white guy walking around I’m their prime target (this is the same everywhere). They have another bus. A better bus. Why not go on their bus? With some mis-information they can easily prey on any tourist who isn’t 100% sure of where they are going. And the Chinese authorities think this is acceptable! It’s not! I hate it! They will arrest people talking about freedom, rights and carry out the odd massacre or two, well not so much in recent years. And yet, in a Socialist, nay Communist system of government, they don’t help ordinary people by signposting information clearly nor stopping touts who lie, cheat and rip people off. That roughly sums up the government’s attitude. Opps… I’ll get back to the point now… Approaching the ticket office we were bombarded with people wanting to be our guide. After ignoring those we easily bought the tickets and hired an audio guide (tour guides cost a lot more and have an agenda, you go where they want you to go). At the gate we were told we couldn’t enter without paying extra for the buggy to the entrance. We would have to go the long way round. And bloody hell was it the long way round! From the ticket office to the entrance was at least 1km of shops and restaurants. Looking...

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