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Uploading pictures from digital camera abroad

Usually using a digital camera abroad is quite easy. Take a load of photos, fill the memory card, then go home and plug it into the computer.

Unfortunately, travelling around Asia for many months makes this a bit more of a challenge. Some will choose to carry a stash of memory cards and postpone the download to the computer till they get home. Others will use internet cafes, many people now just use a smartphone or tablet cameras and share the pictures once they have WiFi.

Our decision is to carry a few micro-SD cards with an SD card adapter. The camera requires an SD card, so we are using a micro-SD card and adapter in the camera. Then at the end of the day we can put the micro-SD card into the smartphone and use the WiFi (hostel, hotel, café, McDonald’s) to upload the pictures. So far it has worked well. We use the Flickr uploadr app for posting to Flickr, then standard WordPress and Facebook apps for posting to those social sites.

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