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Visiting Mt. Qingcheng & Dujiangyan in a day trip

From Chengdu it is possible to visit both Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation System in a single day. Here’s how we did it:

1. At Chengdu North Station book a one-way ticket to Qingcheng (the end of the line). We went on the 8:30am train. Book a return train from Dujiangyan to Chengdu for around 6:30pm or later. We had time to eat a quick meal of noodles before leaving Dujiangyan.

Book the train in advance! The train was full on a Monday morning.

2. Upon exiting the train station turn left. You’ll see the bus station very soon. Take bus 101 to the mountain. The fare is 2 RMB, no change given! Ask the driver for Qingcheng Shan.

3. The mountain is the end of the line. Get off and take a buggy (10 RMB) to the entrance. The walk is beside the road for about 2km.

4. It’s 90 RMB entrance fee. Chose whether to walk up or take the cable car. It’s 35 RMB each way, or 60 RMB return. We walked up in 1hr 10m and took the cable car down after eating in a restaurant near the top. Be warned drinks are expensive, 10 RMB for 500ml bottles, bring your own if you want to save some money.

5. Take the buggy back to the car park for 10 RMB.

6. Get on bus 101 again and ask for Dujiangyan. You’ll go to the train station but then continue into town. It’ll take about 40 minutes and the irrigation system is at the end of the route. Flat rate of 2 RMB with no change given!

7. Pay the 90 RMB entrance fee for the irrigation system. We spent quite a few hours wandering around here. Drinks were expensive here too!

8. Go back to where you got off the bus for the irrigation system and get on bus 4. This will take you to the train station – it is the last stop and takes 40 minutes. Flat rate 2 RMB with no change given.

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