AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia


Equipment List
As first time backpackers we scoured the web looking at what others had taken. Some took almost nothing and had a minimalist approach, others packed laptops, SLRs and a vast range of electrical devices. We used these lists for ideas, borrowing from many and ignoring many more. Here we list what we started with, what we threw away and extras we’ve bought along the way.


Uploading photos without a laptop or netbook

We are travelling light. No laptop, netbook or tablet. One issue we hit was how to upload our photos from the digital camera to Flickr, Facebook or our blog. This was our solution.


Foreign Currency

Getting hold of the local currency without incurring a huge number of fees was a major worry for us. This was our solution.

Also coming soon…


Cheaper Water

Bottled water in Asia is pretty cheap, but here’s a method of making it even cheaper.

Also, many hotels have water coolers that you can usually refill your bottle for free. In Nepal you need to pay. In the main towns it costs around 10 rupees a litre, which is half the price of a fresh bottle and also saves on plastic.

Mobile Phone

Using Mobile Data Abroad

Most people now carry a smartphone with them everywhere. Some even use the phone as their ‘computer’ whilst abroad, using it for everything from social media to hotel and transport bookings, along with every conceivable use in between. Here is how we cheaply use our phones abroad.